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Respo 750M201L125 PLH

Cargo box size (cm) 200 x 125
Front and back board opening and removable
Laga suspension springs and shock absorbers
Trailers price € 730.00
Trailers price with cover € 1150.00

More information: 750M201L125 PLH

Respo 750M251L150

Cargo box size (cm) 245 x 150
Laga suspension springs and shock absorbers
Trailers price € 1010.00

More information: 750M251L150

Trailer 750M351L150 with or without plastic cover

Extra durable trailer. Very popular among snowmobile owners in a set with the plastic cover. The total cargo space height of 1.42 m allows placing snowmobiles with the high windscreen into the trailer. Therefore there is no need to spend extra money on raising the side walls of the trailer. Plastic cover improves aerodynamics of the trailer and therefore reduces fuel consumption. Cover can be locked.

Height from floor to the inside surface of the cover: 1,42 m
Basket width: 1,50 m
Basket length: 3,50 m
Price: € 1480.00+ € 847.00 (plastic cover)

Additional technical details are available here: 750M351L150

A toy for adult men!

Trailer is intended to be towed by a quad or mini tractor. Balancer bridge allows movement even on very uneven surfaces. Side walls of the basket are easily removable. Convenient trailer for use in forest, for example, to deliver food for wild animals, to carry game or small load of logs out of the forest.

Basket width: 1,05 m
Basket length: 1,77 m
Price: € 1150

Trailer 750M351L180

Trailer differs with its increased basket width and durability, which allows transporting large quads that are equipped with chains. The reclining basket will let you avoid unnecessary expenses for the purchase of additional footbridges.

Basket width: 1,80 m
Basket length: 3,50 m
Price: € 1640.00

Additional technical details are available here: 750M351L180

RESPO meets its clients half-way!

You can order and buy RESPO trailers for the dealer price in the TN KURŠI stores

TN Kurši

• "Trading house Kurši", SIA
Dreilini, Stopini region, Riga district, LV2130, phone: 67533044

• "Trading house Kurši", SIA
Jelgava, Rupniecības Str. 22a, LV3008, phone: 63022208

• "Trading house Kurši", SIA
Jurmala, Ventspils highway 70, Riga district, LV2011, phone: 67730233

• "Trading house Kurši", SIA
Saulkrasti, "Kurši", Riga district, LV2160, phone: 67218997

• "Trading house Kurši", SIA
Dobele, Liepaja highway 19b, LV3701, phone: 63725154

• "Trading house Kurši", SIA
Liepaja, Zemnieku Str. 60, LV 3401

At TN KURŠI stores it is also possible to order other RESPO trailers

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